• 2013 - May to November



    Long times. :) I took a course in July, the architecture course kind (see above), and of course we are still developing that Little Saints app. Here's a preview.



    In the meantime, myself I've been absorbed in the world of 3D visualizations through Blender and tutorials by Andrew Price and CG Cookies. :) Little Saints expected release is next month before Xmas! Till then, you can track my progress @ my blog, or look at my entire portfolio from 2012 onwards.


    Till then!



  • 2013 - April





    App has been released! :)


    Well, it's more like an ebook really, but this prototype has given us the confidence to proceed full on with the Little Saints app!


    We will also release the web version of this app, but for now, support us by buying this unique publication. :)



  • 2013 - March


    Marching on...


    Our Rosaries app is coming together. We decided that we should finish all the paintings so the app is actually complete in content prior to release.


    Next project we are doing is a project tentatively named Little Saints. It will be a blast working on it!


  • 2013 - February




    We are excited to be announcing that our debut app under the new 'direction' (see 2012 Retrospective) will be coming in February!


    It's almost complete, the contents are ready, and we are in the midst of putting them together in an iOS app for the iPad.


    This is also the month where we will start our early development of another project tentatively named 'Saint Babies".


    So stay tuned!



  • 2012 (Year)


    This company started, more or less, in 2011. We initially wanted to make games about sanctifying grace, through gameplay and the ideas behind the games we produce. A year and half later, the commercial realities of the mobile gaming industry has meant that we deferred back to making games for profit, with the view that we donate most of it to charity.


    Both methods have their merits, but what we realize now is, the initial ideals we had should have been preserved.


    TenThirteen Games Ltd. is now being re-rebranded as what it originally is. Providing an outlet to the world that isn't just about making a profit or entertainment for its own sake.


    Over the next year, this company will grow, and as it does, more content will be added to this site. At the moment, consider this a barebone version of what it can be, with the right will and the right personnel supporting it.


    Yours and God Bless,


    Joseph Wan.

    Director and founder.